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The place where you can view my latest artworks c:



Heyyy guys!
Just thought I'd update this to let you all know that I may be on hiatus for awhile
This is because I have new rules I need to follow in order to do well this year and the next.
I'll most likely only be active on Friday and the weekends.

The rules exactly are much like this:
1. Only able to chat/talk on Friday, Saturday, Sunday; no contact online for the rest of the school week oAo
2. No access to computer for uses other than homework until after 9 pm.
3. Study regularly.

Parents say that I will be busy, so I thought I'd better put this up.
School starts tomorrow (28/01/2015)

For all of you that are starting school soon/have already started school, just remember these things:
- It's a new year, a whole fresh new slate so do your best. Don't stress about past marks, just see them as places where you can improve and work towards it c:
Remember the things you did well, whether it be getting a high grade in school, or simply just finally being able to remember something that you worked hard on.
- It's your chance to show what you're like, make a new impression, be yourself. Try to get along with people that you don't usually talk to. You might just find a new friend!
(^ I'm taking that advice too XD)

-Enjoy yourself while school lasts, make the most of your learning time. It's your time to learn, it's your time to do well, and it's your time to show them what you're made of.
It's the time for you to build up your skills and knowledge in where you do best at, so that you're prepared for the near future <3 You can do it >w<!

On some occasions however, I may be able to reply to your messages during the week, especially after 9 pm. But if not, I'm sorry that I haven't replied; but I will reply ASAP
when I get the chance!

Hope everyone makes the best of their studies, persists on and has a wonderful year! xx oo

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A Furry New Friend by Windaura
A Furry New Friend
Decided to draw the Adventurer and his Fox from Bravely Default (and I believe also in FF: The 4 Heroes of Light?)
I'm quite happy with how this turned out, colours and scenario.
I tried using the watercolour tool for the background, and personally I feel it makes quite a smooth difference <3

Ahhhh the adventurer and his fox are just too cute >w<
I'm curious about his upbringing and past but he was just the NPC in the game that saves your game and sells you stuff in dungeons :c
Hope they explain more about him! X'D

Adventurer & Comrade (Fox) (c) SQUARE ENIX; Bravely Default/ FF: The 4 Heroes of Light

Drawn in FireAlpaca
Snow Fields by Windaura
Snow Fields
How long has it BEEN since I drew these three? Or MapleStory art in general ROFL
And why is it that I tend to draw Winter pictures when it's SUMMER oAo

 I drew part of this while listening to a Bravely Default OST- Land of Immortality (Eternia), Maybe that's what inspired it to be snow-based? XD

That feel when you draw a group being really happy as if this were the past and then reality hits you that it's all different, all changed, not the same anymore ;~;

I don't own these three, they're from MapleStory c:

Tear (back)
Kyle (Bottom Left)
Velderoth (Middle Right)

Drawn in FireAlpaca

30 minutes?
Don't mind me. Just doing my impression of Ringabel fff XDDDD
help me ROFL…
STOP by Windaura
Ah.. I'm sorta regretting putting this up now.. I hope I didn't offend anyone.. :/ 

Don't want to sound harsh, but.

What's the point of creating Journals when you're just going to disable comments?
That feature is supposed to be used only for blocking spam, and unrelated links.
When you're blocking comments, you're blocking a pathway  of help
If you need help, then allow us to help. Allow us to reach out to you.

Also, what's the point of creating deviations or journals when you're just going to delete them?
You express yourself. If you were really serious about it, you wouldn't care who saw them, you wouldn't hide them.

The most infuriating feeling is when you feel like you can't help and that you're just blocked out.
You want help, so why don't you let people help?
We want to help you. That's the whole reason we're looking out for you.

~Just a message from me to anyone who reads this who have felt like this


Windaura's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Bravely Default Stamp by Solariorr Maple Story - Broa Stamp by ace-goldstar Madoka Magica Stamp by MeepNyan Absol Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps
KHR Stamp by Zaphk by KHRclub Tokyo Ravens -  Stamp by Autlaw Soul Eater - Stamp by Kizushik Sword Art Online Stamp by LinaLeeL
Senyuu Stamp by SandraDibujante

Hey everyone! Windaura here, I'm a girl who loves to draw, play games and watch anime! I really enjoy drawing dragons, wolves, fanart for games and anime and my own OCs!

My gallery features MapleStory, Bravely Default, Pokemon, Various Anime Fanart, Fandoms that I'm in at the time and my OCs!

Some of my favourite anime include (but are not limited to):
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Tokyo Ravens
La storia della arcana famiglia
Hataraku Maou-sama!
Soul Eater

MapleStory is a major thing that I draw.
My favourite characters are:
Xenon, Velderoth, Kyle, Hayato, Crow, Starling, Kanna and many more!

I'm also really into Bravely Default now asdfsda

Feel free to discuss your favorite anime, interests and anything really! I'm open for talking, and I would love to do collaborations with you guys sometimes!
I really enjoy roleplaying, and I'll also be happy to do that with you too!

Meet me on iScribble, I'm logged in as Windaura c:

Programs I use:
FireAlpaca (main tool)
Paint Tool SAI (rarely)
Adobe Flash CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6 (rarely)

I play the Online MMORPG MapleStory!
Meet me on the following characters/servers!:
BROA- xFurchex (Xenon)
BROA- Lavnaa (Beast Tamer) <-- Have to double check
NOVA- Walpurgishue (Mercedes)

MY AWESOME BBYS: (In no specific order <3 )

:iconshotachii: :iconmidnightumbreonn: :icontareloin:
:iconnoobforevah: :icon0verd05e: :iconkilinoir:
:iconmimaah: :iconcaptainnicole::iconzhoua983:

I hope to meet all my friends above <3

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